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Upcoming BoF at Supercomputing 2019

Distributed data services can enhance HPC productivity by providing storage, analysis, and visualization capabilities not otherwise present in conventional parallel file systems. Such services are difficult to develop, maintain, and deploy in a scientific workflow, however, due to the complexities of specialized HPC networks, RDMA data transfers, protocol encoding, and fault tolerance.

This BoF will bring together a growing community of researchers, developers, vendors, and facility operators who are either using or developing HPC data services. Participants will share and discuss practical experiences, implementation examples, new features, and best practices to construct and deploy production-quality, high-performance distributed services.

The BoF is held in conjunction with the Supercomputing conference. The schedule is listed here, see also the following link.

Date Time Location
Tuesday, November 19th 2019 5:15pm - 6:45pm 501/502


Slides from the BoF are available at this link.

Q&A with the panelists and experience sharing are very much encouraged!


Will be leading the panel discussion and provide each their own perspective on HPC data services:


The BoF is organized by: